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We are in the business of transforming lives. 

Let us amaze you and you will amaze yourself!


Beginners and novices will feel welcome in ANY of our classes.  We highly recommend the Yoga, Zumba and Pilates 101 as a great place to start. See the calendar of classes HERE.
Advanced yoga practitioners will find solace, community and their edge in the 201 and 301 classes.

Some of our yoga classes are DONATION BASED, the rest are not. Money is simply an exchange of energy. Donate what your heart feels is right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Drop Ins | No Commitment | No Joiner Fee

Drop In Single Class $14

Drop In Early Bird or Nite Owl $10~ Before 12:00 PM | After 8:00 PM

2 Weeks for $20Intro Deal~ 2 Week Unlimited Mini Elite Membership 1 Intro Deal per client, please. Consecutive Days, begins upon first class attended, not upon checkout. After purchasing you may start anytime!

7 Class Pass~ SALE $65! (Reg. $84, Save $19!)

6 Week Mini Elite Unlimited Membership $99 SALE (Reg. $169, Save $70!)


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Click the link in the title for complete information on the Memberships listed below.

Unlimited Memberships 

All Unlimited Memberships Include Unlimited HOT Yoga, Yoga 101, Chill Yoga 101, Zumba, Pilates and all other group classes on the schedule.


Zumba Unlimited Membership

Includes all Zumba classes on the schedule.
SALE $40/ month (reg. $50, SAVE $10/mo.)

6 or 12 month Agreement. 12 months no joiner fee (SAVE $29!)


Summer Essentials Membership

Includes any 2 classes per week~  Yoga, Hot Yoga, Zumba or Pilates. See classes on the schedule. $50/month. Auto Pay, Auto Renew.

3 or 6 month Agreement. 6 months no joiner fee (SAVE $29!)

Essentials Membership SALE

2 Classes per Week

 No Joiner Fee with 6 month!

  • Essentials  Summer 3 Month Membership~ 2 Classes a week Auto Pay~ $39/mo. (Reg. $50, SAVE $5.50 per month!) $22.62 Joiner Fee (Reg. $29, Save $6!)
  • Essentials  Summer 6 Month Membership~ 2 Classes a week Auto Pay~ $39/mo. (Reg. $50, SAVE $5.50 per month!) NO Joiner Fee (Reg. $29, SAVE $29!)


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Dragonfly Spa Memberships

2 massage or bodywork sessions/ month!



Live Loved Logo

Live Loved Lifecoaching 

You will soon see a total positive life change! Your results will be noticeable, whether subtle or dynamic, depending on how much effort you are putting forth to being committed to this amazing program for total health and wellness, inside and out, mind, body, and spirit.

30 minutes, 60 minutes or as a 20 minute consultation

Total Transformation Package Personalized Program


  • 8 Sessions Private Yoga Lessons~
  • 2 Live Loved Lifecoaching Sessions~ May be used for any combination of Personalized Nutrition Counseling, Coaching, Goalsetting, Removing Roadblocks, Positive     Affirmations, EFT ReMap
  • 90 Days to Feeling Fit Personalized Plan~
  • 5 Day Detox Tea Program: 5 Days of Detox Tea, Grocery List + Recipes + Email Coaching
  • 7 Day Detox Body Cleanse with Proprietary Blend of Herbs; 7 Individual servings to add to 32 oz. of water
  • Detox Tea with Proprietary Blend of Herbs; 20 Bags
  • FREE GIFTS: Link to Meditation




Private Lessons | Personal or Group

Also, available in packages of 4 or 8 session packs for even greater savings.

Private Yoga and Personal training sessions can be made through the Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio front desk or book your appointment in the online store. Please email or call to confirm when booking online.



A note for our current and new members from Lisa Ware, Owner | Founder, Yoga 4 Love:
We are so pleased that you have chosen to be part of the community of like-minded individuals in our studio. 
We desire to make you happy, help you meet your health, wellness and life goals, and to partner on your journey with you for a period of time in your life, whether it is brief or many years, to make those goals and dreams a reality. Good news! Your membership agreement will auto renew and rates will not go up for you, as long as you stay with us. All we ask is that you do not let your membership lapse, and you will be grandfathered in to your rate! If after fulfilling your agreed amount of time at the studio, and you desire to no longer be a member, just email us and we will cancel you within 30 days, or a month from when your last payment was made, it is that simple.

~Peace, Love + Light


Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio + Dragonfly Spa
558 Bluebird Lane | Red Oak TX 75154


Legal Stuff

Refund Policy | Dynamic  Yoga 4 Love Studio

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Terms of Agreement

All memberships are auto pay, auto renew. 30 day written is required for cancellation; email notice with a reply is fine. Please fulfill agreement. If it is unfulfilled, a termination fee will be assessed. If you move more than 25 miles away you can cancel with no fee, or if you are on medical or work related leave for more than 3 weeks contact the studio to suspend your membership. It’s that easy.

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See the Calendar page for complete class times and location information.



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