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The mission of One Yoga USA is to create oneness and a global shift in consciousness, support yoga as a way of life with deep reverence to its roots and complexity, and develop yogis into well-versed and integrated yoga teachers through the One Yoga USA Training Program beyond the current available standards. OYUSA unites yoga enthusiasts and facilitators to give them the power to build a greater future for yoga in the USA and beyond.
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Lisa Ware is the Founder of the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Trainings 200/300 Hour Teacher Training

Together Jennifer Buergermeister and Lisa Ware Co Founded One Yoga USA 300, 500 and 1000 Hour Training Programs. They have also Co-Founded the OYUSA Dallas Yoga Conference + Music Fest.

We are so excited about all of our upcoming One Yoga USA and Yoga 4 Love Advanced Trainings events and teacher trainings this year! 

We have some fantastic things in store for you!


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One Yoga USA Training Program Corporate Office is located in Houston, Tx.

Dallas Area trainings held at:

Yoga 4 Love Studio


~Sister Studio Location in Houston~

One Yoga USA Training Program celebrates oneness through community by providing a Yoga Alliance Accredited 200, 500 and 1000 hour RYT, Curator of Yoga Certification. One Yoga USA Training Program develops yogis into well-versed yoga teachers by enriching the students with various lineages of knowledge reverent to the entire tree of Yoga and its roots.  Through the OYUSA Training, facilitating amazing conferences and hosting yoga community-oriented events, One Yoga USA is creating a global shift in consciousness and supporting yoga as a way of life.


The mission of OneYoga USA  is to advocate Yoga as One Mind, One Body and One Spirit. We envision building a global community as ONE Yoga to encourage sustainability and embrace the integrity and spirit of oneness in mind body practices. On the surface we are a divided community and thus we must be reminded that no conflict exists outside of ourselves. Beneath the surface and illusion lies our undivided connection and Oneness to ourselves, the Earth and each other. Working together in action with the United Vision of One Yoga USA will allow for us to manifest the miracle of our time as we tip the point and awaken into true unity consciousness. Using SEVA (selfless service to the community and the environment) and celebration, we encourage yoga associations in each US state to form alliances with other states and yoga enthusiasts. OneYoga USA is a common ground to share information, concerns and possibilities by uniting enthusiasts and facilitators to give them the power to build a greater future for mind/body/spirit practices in the USA.
We are delighted to introduce you to One Yoga USA yoga training program. The first level in our 1000-hour training is the Archetypes and Empowerment 200hr Advanced Yoga Studies Program. Our program develops leaders in the yoga community. One Yoga USA Training Program is a unique program founded by Jennyoga , internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Our mission is to advocate for Yoga as a dynamic art form, an ancient tradition and a way of life colored by wisdom to celebrate the spirit of yoga and to build a global yoga community from the heart. Our 500 hour program begins April 2012.

One Yoga USA Training Program’s leadership in the Texas market includes One Yoga USA founder Jennifer Buergermeister, with contributions by other specialists in their art including Les Leventhal, Leslie Kaminoff, Nicolai Bachman, Hemalayaa, Sadie Nardini, Melissa Smith, Lisa Ware, Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga, and other Yoga Alliance Certified Trainers. Jennyoga has a long history of launching educational programs and projects to enhance its facilitator network to a more diverse stage. We get to the roots of all things yoga.

One Yoga USA Training Program is the first yoga training that is approved by the Yoga Alliance for several levels of certification including:
and introducing 1000RYT, Curator of Yoga.

The 1000 hour training certifies the trainee as a Curator of Yoga once the final exam and a thesis have been completed.

Faculty Teachers for Y4L 300 and OYUSA 500

One Yoga USA 500 RYT

Yoga 4 Love 200/300 Hour Path Breakdown

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