Infinite Blessings on the Full Moon, Yoga 4 Love Wellness Center At Gemini Farms~ Spring 2015

Happy Holidays and Infinite Blessings on this Full Moon!

Full Moon over Gemini Farms

What is your affirmation for this Full Moon?

Dear Friends~

This month my lesson has been to RECEIVE. My newest full moon affirmation?

I am currently standing in the flow of a downward waterfall of infinite blessings!

I AM! This is so. I have said affirmations for over 20 years of my life regularly. Now I am truly in the understanding that all is in Divine Purpose if we stand in the flow, be authentic and DO THE WORK daily, hourly, moment by moment to stay in concordence with Spirit. When we force things to happen they will work, but it is when we ALLOW them to unfold that Spirit can use this for the most beauty, and when these things truly become a wonderous work of God. SO much better then we could have ever planned ourselves.

I was going to move my studio space, in obedience to Spirit. Even close it. Spirit wanted to see if I was willing to give up EVERYTHING that I hold dear in order to be of service. How much more can I lose? To remove? To let go? What more will it take to hone myself to the very brightest diamond that I am meant to be so I can shine with the brightest reflection of Creator’s light?  I AM DOING THE WORK. Therefore, my reward is to keep my beautiful sacred studio space in Red Oak and continuing to share Hot yoga, yoga and workshops.

The beauty comes in that since I was obedient and looking for alternatives for spaces, I came into alignment with Gemini Farms. This is the horse boarding and training facility where I recently moved my 2 horses, Diva our Yearling and Cochise our Paint.
Since I left the last barn to find more positivity, I rekindled my sisterhood with Colette, the owner of Gemini, my ‘big sister’. She and I decided to remodel two entire upper rooms in her facility!

In Spring 2015 I am opening my second space! This is being built out at a beautiful, peaceful horse ranch with OMazing sunsets. The name?

Yoga 4 Love’s Wellness Center at Gemini Farms

The vision of this space is a cOMmunity wellness + education center. This Center is also avalilable for YOU to rent and consign space so you may own a place to share your talents and passion with the world!
*The photo above is the Full Moon over Gemini Farms.


  • Yoga + Hot Yoga
  • Nutrition Education with Juice Plus Team Dynamic Destiny
  • Skincare Education + Beauty from the Inside Out with Transparent Beauty by Erin Honorio
  • Reviving Therapeutic Riding Of Texas TROT + Saving horses that are destined for the meat trucks and helping children with disabilities
  • Reiki and Energy Healing, Thai Bodywork, Spa Facials
  • Reiki for Horses
  • Yoga for Equestrians
  • DANCE of all kinds: Swing Out, Zumba, Belly Dance + more
  • Workshops + Events
  • Outdoor Yoga with the Horses
  • All sorts of consignment offerings from Crystals and Conscious Jewlery to Cloth Upcycled Bags and more.
I will keep you posted on the progress!

So many other things to share with you at the same time:
We were just in our first parade with our horse today! Complete with lights and all. Photos from 12/6 HERE

Every month on the new moon and the full moon I receive an amazing new Vinyasa Flow sequence and I write it. I am really seeing a pattern of how the energy of creation that is flowing into my work. If you practice with me you KNOW how super awesome these flows are, and how strenuous they can be. I am also recording these and sharing on HitPlayYoga.

I am collaborating with Audible Yoga for a launch this month!

I am currently writing a book called 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change. Please hold this project with Light and Love as the direction that it is needed has not yet surfaced. All of the elements are coming into place like a puzzle without any effort. I have an amazing artist working on the cover and just this week a publisher was introduced to me.
As you know we are rebuilding our home, and it is truly becoming our DREAM home right before our eyes. Such a manifestation of how God can turn around a tragedy.

Lisa and Diva

I recently went looking for kitchen designs and found an incredible interior designer. I never had before even dared to dream that I would actually be in a place that I would be needing an interior designer! She said every time she gets an email from me she feels peace and happiness and we are so excited to begin working together! There are just SOOO many decisions to make on this house and I really want the decisions to be ones I never regret.
Later after the kids move our we plan to share our home as a Bed and Breakfast on the Waterfall. I am designing the home for with that long term end in mind and it is really fun! I found all my plumbing fixtures on Black Friday sale, so stoked!

Well, I will post on the full moon and some times between, but please find me on Google Plus, Twitter & Instagram @yoga4love and FaceBook for more interaction. <3

Peace, Love + Light,

Angel CardsShare your affirmation on FaceBook HERE to win a private Angel Card reading! Drawing from the posts held on 12/12/14

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Full Moon Afffirmation My Vision for the Future Yoga 4 Love Retreat Center on the Waterfall

Greetings and Happy Full Moon!

It is time for coming into a place of Gratitude and Purpose.  As you may be aware of, on Labor Day, 9/1/14 our home burned. We are working daily to create beauty out of the destruction and chaos. As a dear friend reminded me, all I say is an affirmation. So here is mine ‘This process is part of the Great Divine Plan to receiving our Dream Home! I feel blessed.’

What is your affirmation for this Full Moon?

Share with me on FaceBook HERE

Since this so-called tragedy I now have a much clearer vision or the new beginning of the Yoga 4 Love Retreat Center. We will be moving the studio to the property!
I am very excited about this move, and for the intrem we will be renting a small house next door to our property below:

This vision is getting clearer as we are rebuilding our home. We are able to now design the home of our dreams! We are turning the fire damaged garage to a totally new master suite, master bath and closet with tornado shelter!

Our son is getting our old master and he is now getting to design his own shower and closet! My daughter is receiving a walk in closet and designer shower, custom sink and her own sun tunnel skylight.

I am getting to FINALLY have a new kitchen, as I have loved my old one, but it was SOOOO not functional. OMGoddess It was built in 1978 and I was so happy to come back from Memphis Leadership Conference and see it was totally torn out!! They took the home down to the exterior walls and now are building from the ground up! Here are the latest plans from my AWESOME friend Sue, who is an architect and she is doing all this work for me because she loves me and I love her <3

warehouse carport inc

The front door faces North and the waterfall is to the south.

I see the new Yoga 4 Love studio in the current space of the carport and it will face south, so perfect for a deck and outdoor yoga!

Would you like to help us create this vision? All it will take is 25K

We would love to make this happen. Please look here for our photos on my Google Plus Lisa Ware page.

A lot is also posted publicly on my FaceBook page and videos from 9/1/14 from the actual fire.

Thank you for holding me in the light during this transitional period. It is not easy dealing with all the paperwork, finances, loss and so so many decisions.

Peace, Love + Light,


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What is The Goddess, Female Empowerment and Goddess to the Core 2 Day Boot Camp?

What is a Goddess Interview with Lisa and Sierra screenshot


So what is the Goddess? Listen to the interview with Lisa Ware and international Female Empowerment Leader and author of Goddess to the Core Sierra Bender on the interview with Natalie Cummings. 
What to delve deeper? Set your intention to come to the event 11/15-16 Dallas
Listen here

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Thankful Thursday Read

Just wanted to share a Poet who has struck a chord inside.

Meet Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman Poet

Walt Whitman Poet

“When I read the book, the biography famous,
And is this then (said I) what the author calls a man’s life?
And so will some one when I am dead and gone write my life?
(As if any man really knew aught of my life,
Why even I myself I often think know little or nothing of my real life,
Only a few hints, a few diffused faint clews and indirections
I seek for my own use to trace out here.)  ”

Excerpt From: Walt Whitman. “Leaves of Grass.”



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Writing Abundance Checks ~ Happy Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

Keep Calm Full Moon

Found on

Greetings and Happy Full Moon!

We awoke to watch the lunar eclipse and it was spectacular. The cloud cover came just as I was getting my camera. This Lunar Eclipse and Super powerful moon energy is amazing. Get out under her and look up! This will last for 72 hours.
Have you ever heard of an Abundance Check?
Well I have but not actually done it. Let’s try this together and let me know your feedback in a few days. I am bringing this idea in from some other people that have tried something similar and have had awesome results.

Ok, so what I am going to do is basically write a check on a piece of blank paper made out me, ‘Lisa Ware’, from ‘The Universe’. On this check, in the field where you put the dollars can be money or anything else. Then write the description. Write out a few!

Then place it in the moon energy and let it sit outside, if possible. Meditate on what you desire on that check and receive it fully. Really feel it as you already have received it, every flavor, emotion, expression, bank statement balance or material object.

Then release it and expect it, but allow no limitations on when or how it will come.

That is it!

Ready? Go grab some paper. GO!!!

reply to me and share your dreams + desires!!! or post on my FaceBook wall HERE

I will share mine on my wall and my Instagram @yoga4love

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The Apexer is HERE

Collect Respect

Featured Creator, Producer of the New Contemporary Art World

The Apexer is HERE

Educating you why Art Saves Lives and How Texas Artists need to be PUSHED to the MAX.

How important it is to be apart of the Conscious awakening and conversations Art Brings or beginnings

Art allows us to be OUR trueselves and nothing but the BEST.

We move ever so fast

Most the time looking down.

Well NOW and HERE is the time to Look Forward.

Forward to Dallas and Texas’s future in Contemporary Art Movement thru painting, mixed media, performance, technology, mural programs and public works of art.

Check out this video and get a glimpse how much work this Art World really is.

How appreciative i am to be working with such masters in there own right being

Collect and Respected

Don’t miss this exhibition which brought internationals and locals together.

Something many said couldn’t happen. Why? The Celebrity?

Well in my Eyes “We Are All Stars” just trying to shine bright where we call HOME

#here at #WAAS Gallery



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Moon Light

Every full moon brings with it a new blessing. A chance to start a-new and an amazing amount of light, love, healing and energy. This concept seemed foreign to me only a few years back and speaking of “strange” things that happened when the moon was full was simply a way to have fun and blame a bad day on something that has been blamed for bad days for what seems like ions. But how can we possibly ignore the beautiful energy that surrounds us on nights (and days) when the moon is at its brightest and/or at its dimmest? How can we turn a blind eye to such a beautiful symphony of light, vibration and energy?

I think it is impossible. We can not simply pretend that when the moon is full we do not feel extra exhilarated and filled with a new sense of radiant energy. We can not ignore the fact that when the moon is full we tend to act a little bit differently and that, yes, at times things can even get a little bit insane. But these are all powerful signals and blessings from the moon that so sweetly shines its glorious light upon us day in and day out.

When I was little, I used to love going up to the rooftop of my house and watch the moon on nights like tonight. I used to relish the light, the warmth and the eerie glow that seemed to speak to me of fairy tales untold and wondrous adventures that needed to be explored to the fullest. The moon and the fog were my portals to a whole new realm of possibilities and life. They transported me, each in their own unique way, to distant lands and incredible tales that were meant for me alone. And I, to this day, still relish those nights where the moon shines bright and every fiber in my being is buzzing with light, love, vibration and energy.

There are a plethora of powerful effects the moon leaves behind as its gravitational pull beckons us earthlings to reach out and connect to all that makes this fantastic body pulsate with life in outer space. And we need to take some time to honor this connection and allow it to fill us with new life.

We need to make time to harness all the love, light, vibration and energy that the moon has to offer us so that we may create and change and heal in new ways every day. We need to get outside and bask in the glorious light of the moon and savor every moment of this magical connection. We are radiant beings who resonate and respond to all manner of energy, light and vibration and when we can connect deeply with such a pure source of these elements, we have the potential to change everything.

Because, how could a radiantly living thing not exert some measure of  influence on us when we ourselves are made up of light, vibration and energy, just as she (the moon) is herself? – Impossible. It would be silly and naive to assume that the moon has absolutely no effect upon us.

So take some time on this full moon to enjoy every single moment and every single ray of light, flux of vibration and release of energy that the moon is gifting you with. These are precious little gifts that have the potential to take you on a magical journey the likes of which you have never imagined and it will be so decadent, so incredibly transformational that words will fail you, as they have failed me in describing the potent effects of this miracle.  Remember, the moon is as much a part of you as you are a part of it and you are pure light with out beginning or end.

Enjoy the moon little yogis ;)

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” Mahatma Gandhi

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” George Carlin

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Pheonix Rising From the Ashes… a metaphor for my own life one month later, A Deep Meditation with Lisa Ware

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of Fear Alisa ManningPhoenix rising blue

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.
J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring

I recently recorded a meditation at the studio the first Saturday in August. It was a reading from the book Chakra Meditation by Swami Saradananda. I frequently reference this book in my live meditations then use it as a guide for downloading a live meditation. This particular day the meditation was on the Phoenix. I had never really studied the mythology of the Phoenix, but I use these books as a Oracle, letting Spirit guide me to bring forth what is supposed to and I simple get out of the way and bring it.

Well, this day I brought it. The Phoenix came so alive that I truly felt her power and energy, I felt the marriage of Yin and Yang with the representation of the symbolism of the Phoenix and the Emperor in Chinese lore. I saw the beautiful, giant egg on the pile of smoldering ashes as we faced South, with the cracks of lava gold, orange and we felt the baby Phoenix emerge from the egg and become enormous, graceful and then as she opens her beak, expecting a Shrill squawk, we hear a lovely song, so beautiful, so melodic, so Divine. Then she looks back from the Fire, as her wings become blue, purple, gold and iridescent. Then she flies off into the Sun, becoming burned into the HOPE of our future. I had no idea this Phoenix energy existed so real, and the symbolism became very clear less than a month later.

On September 1, a few weeks after I recorded this meditation, our home burned. The Phoenix rising, literally, in my life, and I had no idea Spirit led me to record this for my Self, to listen to after the fire. Let us Affirm:

I AM the Phoenix, I will rise!

I AM the energy of HOPE, FAITH and POWER!


Listen to the Phoenix meditation with Lisa Ware HERE (12:13)


Like a Phoenix

 Phoenix drawing photo credit 

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The Fire of Transformation Runs Through My Life… Literally

I havent blogged in a while, we are in the middle of a huge transition, our home burned on Labor Day 9/1/14, My Nana’s birthday, she would have been 97. We are all ok. Rich, and my 16 year old boy and 11 year old daughter were home in the daytime. I was at the studio getting ready for the Free Day of Yoga and Stoy called me to tell me the house was on fire.

My teacher trainee graduate Mallory had just randomly popped in and she was able to lock up as I rushed home. I was praying fervently for what to do and heard Spirit say to just post the the house was on fire and for urgent prayer request on Facebook and to tag all my family. I did and arrived to the fire dept from Midlo, Ovilla, Glenn Heights and Desoto.

My son heard the battery backup on the computer beeping like it was off so he looked into the garage and opened the door to a ball of flame. He slammed the door and went to get Aspen out of her room, she grabbed the dogs and in her undies ran to the neighbors and called 911 just like we talked about in an emergency. He then awoke Rich from a nap and Rich went to the garage and got knocked to his knees by the backdraft when he opened the door. He slammed it shut with his foot and ran around back to put the garden hose on it. He kept spraying the fire, but he said it became alive and the he saw ‘The Beast’ as it began rippling into the attic. He knew we would lose the house.

They got the fire out and pulled out Cleo, my sweet cat. I kept the pet mask on her and after the 2nd bottle of O2 me and the neighbor and Aspen ran her to the ICU. She made it! We lost our kitten tho. 

We are in a lease home and will rebuild over the next 6 months.

I will post videos and photos soon.



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Awareness in Judgment

For the last few weeks I have been weighed down by how negatively our judgments can impact our lives and the lives of those around us. And as someone who for many years saw the whole world through very judgmental eyes, I can attest to the fact that judging someone, or even a situation too harshly can only cause pain, anger and a pretty obvious lack of contentment.

It is important here, to mark the difference between judgment, which is meant to cut someone or something down and the ability to discern. For some reason, these two can often be confused or mixed up and this confusion is cause for much turmoil or “excusable” judgment.

The way I see it, judgment is a negative label that we forcibly attach to someone or something in order to justify our anger, resentment or fear towards said person or experience. Discernment on the other hand, is the ability to distinguish and become clear as to which outcome will be more conducive to our development or which relationship or people will be more likely to help us grow and which people or relationships are more likely to lead us further away from the light and positive energy meant to help us heal and grow.

This important distinction has allowed me to practice less judgment and to slowly increase my intuitive powers of discernment so that I may continue to grow, develop and love more fully. I have been able to let go of immediate negative assessments of people and situations and have been slowly becoming more aware, present, loving, patient and kind towards life, those around me and my self.

That being said, I am still human and can often fall back into judgment. This is why it is important to practice awareness, groundedness, compassion and love every moment of every day. It would be so much easier for me to simply move through life judging people and situations as good, bad, ugly and everything in between. In fact, the ease with which one can negatively, forcibly and powerfully assign a judgment onto some one or something is scary. This is, as a matter of fact, exactly the same kind of “ease” that led me to constantly tear people apart (mentally or verbally) simply because I felt that I was either inadequate and less than or above and more than x,y or z.

 This easy judgment is what led me to constant comparison and harsh criticism that hurt me more than I may have realized at the time. So, sure, judging is very easy, but easy, does not mean better and it is certainly not more conducive to a healthy life.

One thing I have come to realize about judgment is that more often than not, what we judge most harshly in other people are things that we are struggling with within our selves. We are able to unconsciously identify a part of our own darkness that for some reason we have not made peace with or grown from in other people. And the lack of growth or the very rejection of this aspect of our beings can lead us to lash out at this inner darkness and force a harsh judgment onto others.

But this is not an easy thing to spot or even accept. So making it a point to practice self-awareness daily can make us suddenly present (aware) of what it is that we are truly fighting when we are judging those around us.

Am I really judging the manner in which that person acted? Or am I judging the reality that a part of me would have done the exact same thing? Am I truly offended that this person is wearing, acting, speaking, being this way? Or am I simply coming face to face with parts of myself that I keep hidden, tucked away and feel shamed by?

The truth is, that more often than not, a part of me that does not like how I have acted, thought or inhabited a point in time in my life will lash out against you when you do, say, act or “be” that very same thing and that is where the aggressive designation of attributes, thoughts, paradigms, etc. will happen. This is where judgment becomes corrosive and where it thrives most powerfully.

Becoming aware of this and making it a point to constantly practice self-awareness can heal and help us stop negative judgment in its tracks. It can also simply make us aware of the fact that we are being judgmental and that we will eventually have to deal with the inner work that accompanies this judgment. But even this miniscule awareness, that ability to observe, “I am being very judgmental about this moment or person right now” can be incredibly powerful and healing in of itself.

If I am able to realize that I am creating and assigning a negatively forceful designation onto someone or something (in other words, being judgmental) is just the first step to healing, releasing or simply nudging whatever little darkness has been keeping me stuck or preventing my growth for so long.

I do want to note that another reason we make such harsh judgments of the people and the world around us is that we each have a very particular way of perceiving life itself. And it is through this perception (a perception that is entirely unique and personal to each of us) that we measure, weigh and judge the world around us.

A person who has had tremendously negative or even dangerous and abusive encounters with people who drink, or who are drunks, for example, may in turn repel all situations or people that would resemble that hurtful, negative and subconsciously informative (it is informing the person that alcohol and drunks are and/or act a certain manner) scenario. {*please note this is an example and I am not making any generalizations, as again, we all experience the world in a different manner and have different way in which to cope, heal, live or move on from x,y or z}

So in these particular cases, judgment will mesh a bit with discernment and our very particular viewpoint and inform our paradigm and ideas of what a situation or person are like. – For example, as a kid growing up in Mexico City, I was always taught to be hyperaware of my surroundings and that people do not always have good intentions. I also learned at a very young age not to draw attention to myself so as to not get kidnapped, cat-called, harassed, attacked or robbed (again, this is my personal experience. Sapha learned this; it does not mean all my friends saw the world in the same manner or that all people from Mexico think this way or lived these things) I, therefore, have learned to remain aware, invisible and resentful of any and all attention. So, when I get cat-called (a topic which makes my blood boil and that I will not cover here today) I will immediately become hyperaware of the level of threat that surrounds me and the hatred that has been harbored for many years in response to this act of aggression. I will then judge the situation and person as negative, degrading, dangerous and deplorable. This judgment has been informed by my experiences and perception of life and awareness of it will not change it so much as just remind me where it comes form.

So here we have a few ways in which we make judgments of others and of situations in our lives. The thing about judgment is that it can be harmful and it can stop the growth and healing processes if we are not continuously practicing awareness.

And if we are truthful, judgment is not only easy, but also sweet and rewarding. Because, if I judge someone to be x,y or z, what I am really doing is pretending that I am so much more than them and I am uniquely perfect in ways in which they are not while in reality, everything I have just pointed a finger at in them has been in truth, a billion fingers I have been pointing directly at my own true self.

So take a few moments next time you find yourself making an aggressively forceful label of something or someone in your life to analyze what is truly happening inside your heart, body and soul.

Are you running away from a truth with in? Are you fooling yourself into thinking you are somehow superior or inferior? Are you letting your perspective shape your ideas about the moment and the people around you? Are you letting yourself heal and renew? Or are you pretending you have no clue what darkness you are pointing your many fingers at?

Take a moment, breathe, be open, vulnerable and honest and drop the harmful judgment so that you can heal yourself and share your light more purely with the world and the people around you every day. And remember; be gentle and patient with yourself. You may fall back into judgment sooner than you’d like, but as long as you are fully present and aware, the healing process will follow. It isn’t a perfect art you can master in a second, it is all a practice. “Practice and all is coming.”









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Journey to Healing, Major Road Bumps Along the Way #cancersucks

Here are my latest posts, photos coming soon! 5 Chemo treatments down of 5! Only a few more radiations treatments to go for my dad! Completion Friday 8/22!!!

reasons to smile


7/14 Amazing and wonderful news my friends! My father, Duane, has really great results from Tina Calabrese, our naturopath today! He has been taking Whole Food supplements and made a lifestyle change in eating a little under 3 weeks. A few weeks ago he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and we felt shocked and saddened.
We reached out to Tina, as God sent her into our life. She created an amazing simple plan of tripling his juice plus, adding detox drops and whole food supplements and then testing on the computer for each of the systems (meredians) of the body. 3 weeks ago all of his body work was completely offline and extremely inflamed to a very dangerous level. Today almost all of them are back in the green and in a normal range! Yes, in just a few weeks this change can happen! Food is powerful medicine.
Tomorrow he starts his journey with chemo and radiation and we feel hopeful! Your personal messages, and prayers and positive thoughts are so appreciated.

Bag o’ games! Trying our best to have fun at chemo. Finally done!!!


Dearest friends we have really great news today!!! Duane Farrell, my dad, talked to the doctor and the NON HODGKINS IS IN REMISSION!!! 
Now to kick the espohogeal cancer with the remaining 3 chemo and 18 more radiation treatments. The chemo combined with the nutrition plan is working!
Please lift him up in prayer, is working! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! Yes!!! I am so happy. I’m crying.



So my dad’s anti inflammatory pantry makeover is finally complete. With one final trip to Kroger we completed a huge listing all of those breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items. Then to prevent him from losing weight we included a list of foods that will get him a lot of calories without compromising or a ton of sugar and crap. He seems to be doing really well! He is on week 3 out of 5 chemo, no hair loss yet!
11/28/ radiation treatments down! Friday will be half way there! Thank you for your prayers. It means so much to us.


Week 4/5 of chemo with dad, Duane Farrell. Today we played Skip Bo and he won! His mind is a sharp as a tack still. 
Then went for a great meal at Jason’s Deli! He still needs to get more calories in, it’s hard for him when his throat is burning. But he hasn’t lost his hair though! He may be that 1% but doesn’t, we shall see!
He has two weeks left of daily radiation, 8/21 is a ways out when he’s done.
In his words, “Please pray for complete eradication of all the cancer cells!” He wants you to know that your prayers and donations are much appreciated.
Go Fight Win!!!


Went to see Tina Calabrese the naturepath today with Dad, Duane Farrell, he is doing the work, folks, he is doing the work. He wants to heal. We got to some of the deepest roots of the cause, now time to dig deep and continue to create happiness and a will to live. He has a deep desire to live for his grandchildren, Richard Stoy and the two little ones. He wants to grow in so many ways and is ready to make big changs a little at a time. He is learning what to say when he talks to himself and to be open to the possibility of becoming whole. It has begun. 
Your prayers, kind words, gifts of abundance and friendship mean so so much. Love and light

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Crossroads of Life Mean to Put my Big Girl Panties on and Be a Woman~ My Dad has the Big C

Lisa, Duane and Big TEx

Lisa, Duane and Big Tex

The birth of the USA is coming up this weekend.
This year is a very special year. Some of you may know that the reason I began teaching back in 2007-08 was due to the positive role my mom played in my life. Watching her journey through breast cancer was an amazing journey of hope and inspiration, as she spoke to the crouds of thousands of ‘pink hats’ after the Race for The Cure many years. She succomed to the beating of the body through the rigorous chemo and radiation and surgeries and finally that is what took her life. The Cancer never took her positivity or her impeccable spirit of inspiration to others.  We even did a mowhawk before her hair fell out. 
She always made the doctors laugh.
This is how I began YOGA 4 LOVE, in honor of my mom.

Today, 6 years and 2 months later, I am at a cross-roads of sorts. My father had a diagnosis of esophegeal cancer last week. We are taking a different approach, and he is open to that, especially after seeing how his wife’s body took a toll.

He is looking to me and my sister for advise and support. I met a naturopath at a leadership women’s retreat the day we got the news. Serendipity? Yes. I believe in the placement of people in our lives JUST when we need them.

I put on my big girl panties and my happy face for him. We went to see her and she tested his meredians (energy flows) in all his major systems and discovered that all major systems are inflamed and off line of normal. He doesnt feel bad, but a little winded and in his bowels. She tested with about 6-7 supplements, including Juice Plus fruits, veg, berries, shakes and colon cleanse, liver cleanse and Tumeric. With this therapy his systems will all go totally back online. This cost $433. Next visit is $100. Reorders are $250/month or so. This is do-able! 

We then went grocery shopping, and learned about clean eating and what to add to his Juice Plus Complete shakes. No not dairy milk and bananas. Clean eating for a 75 year old who loves frozen pizzas is a definite challenge. BRING IT ON! He is willing, THANK YOU LORD, so I am all in!

With this supplemental therapy, we are then going to do 5 weekly chemo and 25-30 radiations. The deductibles are $350 next week, then we will find out the rest as we go.
We are asking for your help.
If you would like to donate, just attend the Outdoor Yoga class this weekend July 5, 2014.
If you cannot attend you can donate even $5, or what is comfortable.

Would you like to make a Donation via PayPal on Y4L Charity Yoga page.

I forgot to mention that I am paying for all this, because he would not have agreed to it if he had to pay for it. I am barely in the black making a living as a studio owner. I am reaching out to you for support.

As I wrote this a dear friend and musician had now offered to play the Gong at our Outdoor Yoga class this weekend!

Kenny Kolter is an International Sound Healer and will be bringing his Gong for the morning meditation! So with all this I realize that we never know the outcome, all we know is how to choose to live, day by day. I choose positivity. I choose LIFE!



Infinite Blessings;
Lisa Ware

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