How Bipolar Introduced Me To Yoga

It was the Christmas Day 2000, when I was released from the psychiatric hospital.  After two weeks of being there I was actually scared and reluctant to go home.  It’s safe behind the walls of the hospital.  Everything is planned out for you, so there’s no decisions to be made.  Everyone else there knows how you feel and what you are going through, but it was time for me to leave.  That day the weather was terrible, there was snow, ice, and the roads were completely frozen over.  It took us hours to get home.

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My Journey To Diagnosis

Well, we might as well start at the beginning!  My first symptoms that I remember were when I was 3 years old.  I remember hearing voices in my head.  Like any 3 year old I told this to my mom, and like any mom of a 3 year old, she told me it was my sub-conscious talking to me.  If I had been a normal child that would have been a true and accurate answer, but alas I was/am not normal in the conventional sense of the word.  The next few years are a fog of early childhood learning and playing.

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Construction, Digging, Puppies + Easter Blessings

Yes! The 3/4 bathroom is finished in the cabin! Now we just need to have a painting party! And then we can put the flooring down!

They finished up taping and bed the ceiling and the bath and hubby’s man cave room!

On the property we were able to finally utilize this beautiful weather to get tons of heavy equipment out here and bulldozers a nice covert to redirect all the water away from the house and cabin. We also installed a completely new aerobic septic system and connected the cabin. We had several large pieces of equipment that were operated, trimming the trees and grading the land to keep water run off away from the cabin. Next, we will add crushed concrete to create a nice driveway and mushroom compost on top of all the dirt, then throw out some (a lot) of grass seed! We are looking forward to green pastures ahead!

The puppies are growing and they are so totally adorable.  They were born in the new house a few days aftet we moved in on 3/19/15. What a blessing!

We had our first Easter celebration at the new house and had over 30 family members and friends. Kids from 18 mo to 18 doing an egg hunt and pinata. Then I received a 95 year old antique dining set from my sister and bro in love. We moved it in just in time for the festivities. My mother in law gifted me with all of her crystal & I received back from the restoration company some of my table linens from my mom and Nana. It was a beautiful day.

God is good. Through this fire we have opened a pathway for blessings to be given abd received. I’m so honored Spirit chose me for this path. I’m excited to see what’s in store in the future for this sacred land.

20150411_225451v2 20150411_215224v2 20150409_121855v2 20150409_095317v2 20150407_093934v2

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Puppies, Cabin Studio + Reflection on Abundance and Destruction

Cabin deck
The studio ceiling is up and the decks are built! Hot yoga starting very soon! They are putting up the wood walls tomorrow! Then the electritian can install the heat panels on the ceiling. The plumber will be able to finish the new 3/4 bath once we get the septic system installed. All the contractors are WAY behind from all the freezing snow and insurmountable mud! To get them here is a full time job!

View from cabin door to deck

I am thankful that I have been on the site EVERY DAY for the last almost months of my life, and that all took place to get me to be home and present to oversee this project. This is the FOUNDATION of the rest of our life, as well as Yoga 4 Love. It is so important to lay this properly and not rush.

Now we are moved in, into our DREAM HOME!  I am continuing to oversee the remaining pieces of the project to its completion. It is so close, yet we must wait for the City to give a Certificate of Occupancy on the cabin, or risk huge fines.  Our home is totally new, and I got to custom design every single piece. We are truly living in our dream home. We are very blessed.

Meanwhile, I have met with a business consultant at her firm and we are moving forward with a HUGE vision for the longevity of Yoga 4 Love as an S Corp and the posibilities are endless. More to come on this 5 year plan and the roll out! We also must lay low on the ‘business’ aspect on our land, and therefore not broadcast anything about our yoga until my Yoga 4 Love plan has been rolled out strategicallly. So, this yoga cabin is invitation only for our family and friends… you =-)

Also, my nutrition business has lept to a whole new level and I am super stoked with all the lives we are touching with healthy living, clean eating and financial freedom!

Oh, and today 3/31 my 12 year old daughter just got braces. Such exciting times!

15-03 me and daddy
On another note, my father has been in and out ot fhe ER from the rehab, not left his bed for more than 45 minutes to sit up, since 1/12/15 when he had surgery for esphoogeal cancer. He is trying to heal, but has had so many set backs with his recovery. Please lift him up.

15-03-29 Puppies

Cherry Flame had PUPPIES on 3/19! We got to be there for her birth. My son and I helped deliver 2 of the puppies! Cherry had 3 babies, all boys, but the first one never took his breath of life. He delivered the second and I the third. We have named them Flint and Spark. The parents are Cherry Flame and Lightning. So they all have a fire theme… Appropriate, yes?

I totally have thought about the significance of this death. With the birth of this new home this land and the abundance to follow, the first born was still. The last  closure of this land after the fire was the death of my kitten, Ming. The entire event of fire and restoration was encapsulated by death and rebirth. What an amazing symbolism.

I stood out at the cabin last night under the trees, as my cabin now comes to fruition right before my eyes. I have held space for this studio for months, and now it is finally moving forward…

I truly realized what if FEELS like to be ABUNDANT. Truly and fully fulfilled. In all areas of my life. And none of this would have happened unless the tragedy of the fire took place. I have been really frighten to a call upon Kali up until a few weeks ago. She is fierce, vicious, harsh and abrupt. She also is that Mother who gives Tough Love. She is the fieriest maternal love you will ever find. She truly wants the best for us, and her avenue to get us there is destruction. Through all of this we come out polished and refined, purified if you will. Boy the toxins DRIP off and they burn as they pour out. It is not a happy place. I wish it on no one. But would I have changed it, reflecting back just 7 short months, an entire lifetime? No. It is all ordained by my Highest Good and the Good of my family for the betterment of the planet and our Path to Self.

So, about the studio…

We will start this new chapter in April 2015, after Easter. The date is TBD by the contractors showing up to finish.

We are starting the month with a Drum Circle and Journey through the Chakras. See the events for the details.

We will also hold an Acro + Thai workshop led by myself and Richard. Looking forward to getting back into some playfulness! Acro, Thai and Puppies!



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Cabin Decks are Built, Ceiling and Heat Panels Going Up

We’re moving forward on the cabin finally now that the weather is beautiful and sunny!

The guys just built the decks and stairs into the cabin! It’s so beautiful. They are going to put the ceiling up Monday! Then the electrician can put up the Far Infrared Heat panels. The walls will go up this week, too!

Looking forward to having yoga very soon!


 20150326_124846v2 20150326_124412v2

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Healthy Coffee Alternative~ and is yummy!


Our new morning coffee on the cleanse, we love coconut oil and this is guilt free.

It’s so yum!


3 cups hot water

2 tsp decaf organic instant coffee

1 1/2 Tbsp organic coconut oil

1/3 C juice plus complete whole food powder

Place in blender and mix. .. enjoy!

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Moving Day: Ware House Update

We’re getting our certificate of occupancy Monday on the house if all goes well! Then our construction team will focus on finishing out the yoga cabin. We’re looking at opening April 1!!!

We moved in this past weekend on my daughter’s 12th birthday!
Plus, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is due wuth puppies and day!
So many amazing and beautiful changes! Just finished an incredible shopping trip at IKEA with my daughter. Getting all the soft and fluffy stuff in the house finally! Towels, drugs, pillows and lots of fun stuff. So glad this is almost too close! I’m ready to move on into the next chapter in my life.

For those of you loyal and loving members and friends :
We’re giving you too free months for friends and family each a one month certificate + extending yor exp date out an extra 2 months.

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Kali Energy~ Destruction, Chaos, …Beauty? Abundance and Spiritual Responsibility


14-05 Goddess Crystal Grid, Kali

It has been 6 months since the fire of our home. I cannot believe all the change that has happened in the last 6 months. This is the last Full Moon I will spend at our rental house.
Kali is the energy of the Goddess, she comes in the form of Destruction and Chaos, for those of you who have no idea what this is, please stay open minded. For those of you who have studied and experienced archetypes, follow along. You will get this…
She is also creatress of Beauty from the fire. I have seen this first person over this last period. It has been painfully beautiful. I was scared to even talk about Kali for months after Labor Day, even until this week.
I have used Kali Mudra in yoga and taught for years to ‘Burn out whatever no longer serves you in your life!’ I had no NO idea what this really meant. Until I experienced it.
Then as I realized, Kali is fierce, she is viscious, she is super scary. And my human-ness needs taming and controlling!!!! I cant go crying to my momma, she is not on this Earth plane. So therefore I behave like a brat and get what I want at no consideration for others that are close to me. I can get out of hand like a roaring fire! I need this energy in my life to keep me in line! This is the energy of a strict mother and she damn well knows how to WHIP MY ASS.

(See photo above, in a Crystal Grid at a Goddess Circle in early 2014 Goddess Card Kali Ma was turned up at the center, long before any of her evidence showed up in my life).

I need this from Kali Ma, especially in the area of financial responsibility. We have been gifted with tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars through this process of recovering this devastatingly huge loss, and I am responsible for taking care of directing these funds to be allotted in the proper places. It is a huge responsibility, and for this lesson I am becoming strictly obedient. With this lesson, I will continue to Receive (the energy of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance).

14-05 Eka Pada Danurasana Lisa Ware

Back in April of 2014 I finished about 35 to 40 hours of my tattoo with an 8 hour session in a row with Melissa Southern before she moved. Little did I know that was only the beginning...

The intensity of that session released some pent up emotions that I havenever been able to let go of since the passing of my mother in May of 2008. I thought THAT session was intense. Then the next month Duane Farrell, my dad, was diagnosed with the big C. 5 months later is when our house burned. 2014 was the year of Transformation. I’m still grateful for my connecting to the Great Spirit and the all knowingness that All is Well in my World. This knowing and connecting to something much greater has been and still is what is being me and my family through. I do appreciate your love and light and your intent of lifting us up. Blessings. Namaste. #letitgo

I know Creator has MUCH more abundance in store for me, my family, my team and my students, my followers and supporters. You are receiving, too. This is only the beginning my friends! Hang on for the ride! With these blessings I fully intent to pay this forward in giving my tools and gifts:
Teacher Training

And with these tools WE are SHiFTING the planet to a higher vibration! I am allowing many obstacles to be removed (the energy of Ganesha). Through this process of not having the responsibility of having a studio open I have rediscovered my personal yoga and meditation practice. I have FULLY launched my nutriton biz onto a whole nother level and have actually been home to cook dinners for my family. (My 16 year old boy really appreciates this!) I have been present daily for my family, but not nearly enough, as preoccupation of building this house is a FULL TIME JOB!
Meanwhile. I am totally relaunching our website this month, hosting a Reiki 1 and 2 Attunement and Workshop,
with my OMazing Yoga Teacher Trainees on my BETA Online 200 Streaming Yoga Teacher Training, we have rewritten and edited my manual for publication, added 3 modules of material for future trainees and are almost 2/3 finished with recording the 200 hours!
To add another huge focus, my father is still in a rehab center and is not healing as quickly as we would have hoped from his esophogeal cancer surgery.  He is very short of oxygen due to lack of red blood cells. Please continue to pray for Duane, my daddy. He is finally eating, and the rehab dietician director makes him his fave meals + blends him 2-3 Juice Plus Complete whole food shakes a day and adds in 3 caps of Orchard, Garden and Vineyard food powder into each one. So at least he is getting fed! We just want him to get stronger so he can get out of bed! He said that the bed feels like a prison. =-(

For those of you who would love to take a yoga class or meditation I have added a new space on my website to take FREE audio classes.  More classes added monthly. Also, with the website relaunch this month all Y4L members will receivea special password  for a private page to take other free classes and many other online benefits!

We have had 2 weeks of freezing weather, there were many days that the contractors could not come in. to work on the house. We are very ready to get all the final details completed in our house build. We are awaiting the city to give us the certificate of occupancy on the house! This week we have finished our ‘spa master bath’ tile, installed our marble countertops, today he set all of the sinks and all the electrical is done, so now the heat and air is going to be finished.
We are set to move in to our home over Spring Break on Wednesday this week!!!!

Home and Cabin
The Y4L Cabin is finally scheduled to turn on the power Monday or Tuesday! Next, our guys will install the walls, ceiling and put up the Far Infrared heat panels. We are looking at completion by 3/31!

*** I know how you may feel if you have been waiting for classes for the last 2 months. Without your support I could not have afforded the luxury of taking time to build this cabin. We have so much appreiation for all of you who have kept your membership and we have some special things we are doing for you, to give back.***
We currently are also looking CLOSELY at the City of Ovilla guidelines to make sure that they will not do anything to keep us from having a biz (our yoga practice) on my land. So I have hired some legal help in the form of pro bono friends who are really smart and know these things! Please hold space that EXACTLY what Spirit wants to unfold will do so in a timely manner and for the highest good of all beings.

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Y4L Member Gifts | Cabin Studio Update

2015-01-05 01.04.28Dear Yogis, Yoginis, Members and Friends~

We are super excited to announce Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin’s Grand Opening is coming VERY soon!!  Meanwhile, everyone has been really enjoying our NEW VIRTUAL online classes, experiencing extreme convenience, fun, privacy, + comfort from their own homes!
OMazing feedback from existing and new students ~ we have definitely moved into the information & technology age and riding the wave along with it!  Here is the log-in information to stay connected:

  1. Live Streaming Online with a webcam or your phone cam FREE with Class Code LisaLovesYoga
  2. FREE! Audio Classes– invite friends & family to check it out!! We also have 2 third party websites that sponsor Lisa’s classes audio streaming for a small fee.
  3. Extending ALL memberships or packages an additional two (2) months!!
  4. SPECIAL GIFT FREE two 1-month Unlimited packages for anyone currenly set up on auto-pay!! Give to a friend or family member! Email us for the certificates or pick up at the Grand opening!We will be hosting a Client Appreciation Party in April 2015, soon after we move into the Cabin! Details coming soon! Come by and see the beautiful view, the new home and the OMazing HOT YOGA Cabin under the Cedar Trees by the waterfall.
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Ready for some hot yoga in the country?

Hey friends and Members!

We’re so freaking excited! We are moving along with the build out of the Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin!  The plumbing and 3/4 bathroom is in, the electrical wired, power co. came out to dig a huge trench and ran it underground to the cabin. We bought and installed a new meter base so were official. Lol

On the house they are staining the custom kitchen cabinets today. Getting marble countertops in and then they can finish laying the tile!

Lastly, next week is the walls and paint in the studio and the carpet in the house and cabin… then we’re DONE !!


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Happy Valentines Day, Cabin Studio is Almost Ready

Heart Conscious Cover Photo

Father O’Gara, “is that there comes a time where you have to lay your life upon the line for what you believe.

The studio is coming along and so is the house! I picked out a beautiful white marble for the countertops today as well as a piece of reclaimed semi trailer plank for the bar on the island. The finishes are finally here, meaning there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

My dad is in a rahab center after his esphogeal surgery and he is finally making progress. It is a month since the surgery and he is beginning to eat 5 small meals a day and gain strength. 

In honor of him I am installing everything in the house and studio fully handicap accessable as well as building a wheel chair ramp to the studio entrance. 

SO, the HVAC goes in and then walls go up next week ….

Anyone local want to come help paint the cabin interior? Email Lisa

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The New Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin in Ovilla is Getting Finished Out!

We are so excited! We thank you for your patience as we install the electrical and the new bathroom! The walls went up last week, now to finish these big pieces of the project. Next is interior painting. Anyone want to come help paint? Email Lisa

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Lisa Ware is the Founder of Yoga4Love. She is continually finding a way to create oneness and bring cOMmunity together to the enrich the greater good of the planet. She is a nature girl at heart, originally from Colorado, truly a mountain and ocean lover. Lisa is greatly motivated by the role model of her mother’s positivity through breast cancer. She is an E-RYT 200 with thousands of hours teaching Vinyasa Flow. She loves facilitating a space for healing, transformation and connection. For fun you can find her hanging outdoors, meditating, playing with her dogs and kids, doing Acro yoga with her hubby, blogging, and tending to their organic garden. Read More...