Ready for some hot yoga in the country?

Hey friends and Members!

We’re so freaking excited! We are moving along with the build out of the Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin!  The plumbing and 3/4 bathroom is in, the electrical wired, power co. came out to dig a huge trench and ran it underground to the cabin. We bought and installed a new meter base so were official. Lol

On the house they are staining the custom kitchen cabinets today. Getting marble countertops in and then they can finish laying the tile!

Lastly, next week is the walls and paint in the studio and the carpet in the house and cabin… then we’re DONE !!


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Happy Valentines Day, Cabin Studio is Almost Ready

Heart Conscious Cover Photo

Father O’Gara, “is that there comes a time where you have to lay your life upon the line for what you believe.

The studio is coming along and so is the house! I picked out a beautiful white marble for the countertops today as well as a piece of reclaimed semi trailer plank for the bar on the island. The finishes are finally here, meaning there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

My dad is in a rahab center after his esphogeal surgery and he is finally making progress. It is a month since the surgery and he is beginning to eat 5 small meals a day and gain strength. 

In honor of him I am installing everything in the house and studio fully handicap accessable as well as building a wheel chair ramp to the studio entrance. 

SO, the HVAC goes in and then walls go up next week ….

Anyone local want to come help paint the cabin interior? Email Lisa

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The New Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin in Ovilla is Getting Finished Out!

We are so excited! We thank you for your patience as we install the electrical and the new bathroom! The walls went up last week, now to finish these big pieces of the project. Next is interior painting. Anyone want to come help paint? Email Lisa

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How do I log into Muuyu classes online?


Muuyu will work on any laptop, desktop computer, or television that has a built-in webcam or an external camera attached to it. For now, Muuyu is not supported on portable devices like iPads, tablets, and smart phones as they can not install plugins.

Our system works with Mac OS and Windows operating systems and for the smoothest experience, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser but others work fine too.


The Muuyu plugin is a simple addition to our software that lets us optimize our platform for you and your interactive experience. It must be installed for our classes to work on your device, but the good news is, it’s really simple to do!

Just click on Check My Device and it’s done in a matter of moments – quick and painless :) Before you take your first class on Muuyu, please remember to click this button and get the plugin installed – it’s super important.

Depending on your browser and device, it could be downloaded to your desktop or downloads folder. Open the plugin file that appears and click to install. If you need to search for the file on your device, it will be called Muuyu.dmg (for Mac users) or Muuyu.exe (for PC users).


If you have a Mac, click on the Apple icon on the top left hand side of your screen. Go to system preferences and then energy saver with the lightbulb icon. Here you have the option to adjust the settings to decide when your laptop goes to the sleep mode.

An app called Caffeine is available to download for Mac users also. It is a small program that installs a coffee cup icon in the right-hand side of your menu bar. Click the icon to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen, or starting screen savers. Click it again to go back to the original settings.

If you have a PC, go to your computer’s Control Panel. Click on Hardware and Sound, then on Power Options, and finally Edit Plan Settings. You can then choose from a list of options for when you want to let your screen dim.



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The Cabin is Here! We Will Reopen in Ovilla Soon!

Dear Amazing Members, Friends and Followers~

We really are so appreciative of your patience in the process of the move to Ovilla. The cabin is in, delivered and leveled! Now we are to finish the electrical, add the plumbing and a bathroom (and private Rich’s Man Cave room).

We have tons of photos on Lisa and Rich’s Facebook an on our new FB Page 

All classes are online Streaming Live I can see you, you can see me!

Join us for some free audio classes at

First class free use code LisaLovesYoga after that the classes are $2.

Also we have audio class monthly Memberships on:

ALL 6 month or annual DYNAMIC and ELITE MEMBERS~

Receive a rebate for any classes that you take with us online! Simple email us which third party that you took the class from and we will give you a Y4L Account credit! 

All Class Pack and 1, 2 or 3 Month members~

Your expiration date will be extended one month. Please opt in for this option by emailing us. 

See you online or on the mat!

20150128_185042 20150127_130505

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To start off the New Year I wanted to share what I read this morning and how meditation works for me in this new life.

Coffee with The Buddha by Joan Duncan Oliver #waashere

How will meditation help me handle situations in everyday life?

Meditation trains the mind to slow down and observe. It opens up an inner spaciousness in which you can watch thoughts and feelings as they arise and pass away.  When you understand that moods, bodily sensations, and thoughts-however compelling-don’t last, you become less reactive, reducing the likelihood of outbursts or rash behavior.

A balanced mind has choices. Above all, mindfulness keeps you in the present moment. Instead of dwelling on past regrets or future speculation, you can attend fully to what’s in front of you, here and now.

Imagine you notice a huge crowd of people gathered around a famous movie star. Suddenly someone hands you a bowl filled to the brim with oil and says, “You have to carry this on your head through the crowd, and if you spill a drop, we’ll cut off your head.”  What do you think -will your attention be on the movie star or on the bowl of oil?

The oil, of course. But isn’t it sometimes better not to pay attention to what’s in front of you? If I’m doing something boring or routine like washing dishes or raking leaves, why shouldn’t I let my mind wander and use the time productively-to ponder a problem I need to solve, say or to hatch a creative project?

Is letting your mind wander really a productive use of your time? If you constantly chase after distant phantoms to avoid feelings or boredom or dislike, how will you ever learn to deal with the reality of displeasing mind states- or discover that acknowledging them is the first step to reducing discomfort?  When you stay in the moment mindfully, any number of things can happen. For ones, you’re less likely to break a dish or trip over your rake-harm yourself or others. For another, you’ll finish the task faster with better results.

Above all, you’ll see your habitual responses clearly, giving you an opportunity to change your attitudes and behavior.  Become curious about what you don’t like or understand, and as you observe it, watch your feeling about it change.

BUDDHA #WAASHERE cans and dreams into plans

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Manifesting Our Dreams ~Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio Coming Winter 2015!

Continued from the last blog…

Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio

July~August were a whirlwind. I held the 8th annual DFW Free Day of Yoga, for the 7th year and then retired from the committee. I went to all my dads chemo, and doctor appointments with him and helped him learn to eat cleanly.
September 1 is the day of Free Day of Yoga and I was at the studio when my house caught on fire. My husband, kids and pets were home. It was tragic to lose our home, and my kitten, but I am forever grateful that my family was not sleeping and the kids and 2 dogs  all got out safely. I rescued my cat, Cleo, with the pet mask. We lost Ming, the Siamese kitten in the smoke.

14-09-01 Lisa and Cleo during the fire rescue

14-09-01 Lisa and Cleo during the fire rescue

I have spent the entire fall working with contractors and learning how to contract a home. We have had a really positive experience with State Farm. Many friends and yoga students donated clothing, money and items to get us by. We are currently living in a lease home til our house is built. Finally the process began moving forward and the entire house was demoed down to the exterior walls and slab. I went to Memphis for a Leadership conference. Had to miss a lot being on the phone with the insurance and contractors, but it was nice to get away and the hubby is so awesome to take over the duties at the house and studio.
November~ The house is finally beginning to take shape. A great friend, who is an architect, and I had created a DREAM HOME plan many years ago and tabled these plans due to the expense. When the fire happened we again opened these plans. The Dream Home required all the structural walls and roof to be removed except the back bedrooms. These walls and roof are the EXACT SAME Walls and roof that were demoed with the fire. Literally down to the plans. Now, how can I even question that there is a Master governing these plans… and my life!
December~ I found a publisher for my book, 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change, and my cover artist is working on the image for the book! Christmas was so different not in my home at the waterfall, and losing all the sentimentals was really difficult, but our family is so blessed. The current studio is needing to move~ I can feel it with my entire being and my students are willing to go wherever I go. It is too big, too expensive and so wasteful as it sits empty 90% of the week. I was not sure where or how… until Rich and I found the cabin! It will be delivered fully assembled in mid January! I already have the flooring, our construction crew has already ran the plumbing and the electrical goes in next week! The timing is impeccible. We are so excited. Classes will begin soon, and our first retreat will be in June! ( )
January 2015~ So, yesterday I went to the property like I do daily. This time I walked into the brand new back door and looked at my dream house surrounding me. It is real. We manifested this! It is what Spirit wants with this magical property. I cried in gratitude. This time it was different, I cried for what is coming, not for what I lost. I am so thankful to be on this path of healing, yoga, conscious and sustainable living.

I am so happy OUR paths have crossed in some way over this lifetime. You mean so much to me as a teacher, neighbor, reader, community member and friend.
The Infinite Light that Shines within me
Loves and
The Infinite Light that Shines within you. In that we are One.
May this year bring you all that YOU manifest, more than your MIND can conceive, but exactly what your HEART desires.


Rocky Falls Ovilla

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Recap 2014~ Year of Chaos, Beauty, Letting Go, Energy of Kali and the Phoenix

Happy New Year 2015! Thank you Spirit that it is a New Year!

Blessings and Peace and may all your intentions come to fruition this year!
It is Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio’s 4 Year Anniversary! Happy Birthday to my baby, born 1/1/11 !
I have another ‘baby’ that was born today. I bought a huge cabin! It is going to be delivered onto our beautiful property in a few weeks, ready to be finished into our NEW OVILLA, TX STUDIO! I am excited beyond words.
I have meditated, prayed, and spent so much time thinking about the future after the fire of our home last fall. I have been open to all possibilities in my work and personal life, and am manifesting the life that I dream.
Last year held so much chaos, and so much wisdom. I was able to practice letting go, over and over (and over). It was brutal. It was beautiful. I am so freaking happy that now I get to say ‘WAS’ not ‘IS’. THANK YOU SPIRIT for getting me through this.
On January 1, 2014, like I do every year I held my Hot New Year’s Vinyasa and after we created Vision Boards. EVERYTHING on my board has manifested onto the physical plane in just a short year~ nature, helping others, owning horse(s), dream home, financial freedom, writing my first book, a booming nutrition business with Juice Plus, a happy family, college savings plan, debt free, more more more…
14-01 Lisa Vision Board
I started this practice of creating a Vision Board on New Years Day 4 years ago. It took several years for the momentum to take place.
Kali Ma has been a ruler of my destiny in 2014 as well as te energt of the Phoenix. My Angels, Spirit Guides and Animals, Master Teachers and of course Creator have guided me every step of the way. I NEVER lose touch… even for a moment.

This last year went down like this… the Divine synchronicities are mind blowing:

Jan.~ Created my board. Mother in law recovered from a Traumatic Brain Injury that had her in an induced coma for 3 months. Taught classes at my studio, conduced my Teacher Training, normal mom/ wife stuff. Every day I nursed a baby kitten that we found, Ming the Siamese. Presented at Texas Yoga Conference with my BFF Jenny Buergermeister, had my first acupuncture and same night an amazing astral journey while with Adri Kyser, and the next morning held Reiki session with the Angelic that was incredible with Karena Virginia.
Feb.~ Held a Goddess Retreat and Circle at the Waterfall on our property that was beyond INTENSE, Taught some acro workshops. We found a horse that my daughter fell in love with, bought him for a surprise for her bday next month. Manifested the money from my Juice Plus biz to buy him cash. Daughter won the School District talent show singing.
Mar.~ Surprised daughter with Cochise, our Paint Horse. On her birthday, my Chihuahua got taken by a coyote in the early dawn~ Mortifying. Held a beautiful Reiki 1 Attunement. My son got his dirvers permit. I worked on my mermaid tattoo to achieve completion soon, added 5 more hours and lots of color.
April~ Had fallen in love with Diva, a yearling horse owned by my Native American sister/ mentors, she kept coming to me in dreams. Daughter received bday money, we bought her on the full moon. Found out that my dad had espohogeal cancer, I was at a biz event where I just met a nutritionist who works with oncology. My Golden Retriever, Ted E Bear, 15, died peacefully in his sleep. Graduated 5 of my yoga teacher trainees; held a sound healing retreat graduation weekend.  Raised awareness locally with a TOMS. Went to Phoenix and filmed some videos for Juice Plus. I completed my entire mermaid tattoo with the last session of the 35 hours being 8 straight, since my artist was moving, this was a completion of the process of letting go of my mother’s passing since May 2008.
May~ I spent 3 days each week teaching yoga for teen girls and elementary kids at local schools, this was so fulfilling …and tiring! Saw a huge double rainbow right over my yoga studio. Tons of Acro fun. Started taking da to a nutritionist and getting him on a total pantry clean out.
June~ Last day of 5th for my girl and 10th for my son. My dad started chemo and radiation. I went to all his appointments. Bought a horse trailer from one of my yoga students. Held a Summer Solstice Vision Board Workshop, I added DISCIPLINE.
July~ to be continued…

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Infinite Blessings on the Full Moon, Yoga 4 Love Wellness Center At Gemini Farms~ Spring 2015

Happy Holidays and Infinite Blessings on this Full Moon!

Full Moon over Gemini Farms

What is your affirmation for this Full Moon?

Dear Friends~

This month my lesson has been to RECEIVE. My newest full moon affirmation?

I am currently standing in the flow of a downward waterfall of infinite blessings!

I AM! This is so. I have said affirmations for over 20 years of my life regularly. Now I am truly in the understanding that all is in Divine Purpose if we stand in the flow, be authentic and DO THE WORK daily, hourly, moment by moment to stay in concordence with Spirit. When we force things to happen they will work, but it is when we ALLOW them to unfold that Spirit can use this for the most beauty, and when these things truly become a wonderous work of God. SO much better then we could have ever planned ourselves.

I was going to move my studio space, in obedience to Spirit. Even close it. Spirit wanted to see if I was willing to give up EVERYTHING that I hold dear in order to be of service. How much more can I lose? To remove? To let go? What more will it take to hone myself to the very brightest diamond that I am meant to be so I can shine with the brightest reflection of Creator’s light?  I AM DOING THE WORK. Therefore, my reward is to keep my beautiful sacred studio space in Red Oak and continuing to share Hot yoga, yoga and workshops.

The beauty comes in that since I was obedient and looking for alternatives for spaces, I came into alignment with Gemini Farms. This is the horse boarding and training facility where I recently moved my 2 horses, Diva our Yearling and Cochise our Paint.
Since I left the last barn to find more positivity, I rekindled my sisterhood with Colette, the owner of Gemini, my ‘big sister’. She and I decided to remodel two entire upper rooms in her facility!

In Spring 2015 I am opening my second space! This is being built out at a beautiful, peaceful horse ranch with OMazing sunsets. The name?

Yoga 4 Love’s Wellness Center at Gemini Farms

The vision of this space is a cOMmunity wellness + education center. This Center is also avalilable for YOU to rent and consign space so you may own a place to share your talents and passion with the world!
*The photo above is the Full Moon over Gemini Farms.


  • Yoga + Hot Yoga
  • Nutrition Education with Juice Plus Team Dynamic Destiny
  • Skincare Education + Beauty from the Inside Out with Transparent Beauty by Erin Honorio
  • Reviving Therapeutic Riding Of Texas TROT + Saving horses that are destined for the meat trucks and helping children with disabilities
  • Reiki and Energy Healing, Thai Bodywork, Spa Facials
  • Reiki for Horses
  • Yoga for Equestrians
  • DANCE of all kinds: Swing Out, Zumba, Belly Dance + more
  • Workshops + Events
  • Outdoor Yoga with the Horses
  • All sorts of consignment offerings from Crystals and Conscious Jewlery to Cloth Upcycled Bags and more.
I will keep you posted on the progress!

So many other things to share with you at the same time:
We were just in our first parade with our horse today! Complete with lights and all. Photos from 12/6 HERE

Every month on the new moon and the full moon I receive an amazing new Vinyasa Flow sequence and I write it. I am really seeing a pattern of how the energy of creation that is flowing into my work. If you practice with me you KNOW how super awesome these flows are, and how strenuous they can be. I am also recording these and sharing on HitPlayYoga.

I am collaborating with Audible Yoga for a launch this month!

I am currently writing a book called 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change. Please hold this project with Light and Love as the direction that it is needed has not yet surfaced. All of the elements are coming into place like a puzzle without any effort. I have an amazing artist working on the cover and just this week a publisher was introduced to me.
As you know we are rebuilding our home, and it is truly becoming our DREAM home right before our eyes. Such a manifestation of how God can turn around a tragedy.

Lisa and Diva

I recently went looking for kitchen designs and found an incredible interior designer. I never had before even dared to dream that I would actually be in a place that I would be needing an interior designer! She said every time she gets an email from me she feels peace and happiness and we are so excited to begin working together! There are just SOOO many decisions to make on this house and I really want the decisions to be ones I never regret.
Later after the kids move our we plan to share our home as a Bed and Breakfast on the Waterfall. I am designing the home for with that long term end in mind and it is really fun! I found all my plumbing fixtures on Black Friday sale, so stoked!

Well, I will post on the full moon and some times between, but please find me on Google Plus, Twitter & Instagram @yoga4love and FaceBook for more interaction. <3

Peace, Love + Light,

Angel CardsShare your affirmation on FaceBook HERE to win a private Angel Card reading! Drawing from the posts held on 12/12/14

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Full Moon Afffirmation My Vision for the Future Yoga 4 Love Retreat Center on the Waterfall

Greetings and Happy Full Moon!

It is time for coming into a place of Gratitude and Purpose.  As you may be aware of, on Labor Day, 9/1/14 our home burned. We are working daily to create beauty out of the destruction and chaos. As a dear friend reminded me, all I say is an affirmation. So here is mine ‘This process is part of the Great Divine Plan to receiving our Dream Home! I feel blessed.’

What is your affirmation for this Full Moon?

Share with me on FaceBook HERE

Since this so-called tragedy I now have a much clearer vision or the new beginning of the Yoga 4 Love Retreat Center. We will be moving the studio to the property!
I am very excited about this move, and for the intrem we will be renting a small house next door to our property below:

This vision is getting clearer as we are rebuilding our home. We are able to now design the home of our dreams! We are turning the fire damaged garage to a totally new master suite, master bath and closet with tornado shelter!

Our son is getting our old master and he is now getting to design his own shower and closet! My daughter is receiving a walk in closet and designer shower, custom sink and her own sun tunnel skylight.

I am getting to FINALLY have a new kitchen, as I have loved my old one, but it was SOOOO not functional. OMGoddess It was built in 1978 and I was so happy to come back from Memphis Leadership Conference and see it was totally torn out!! They took the home down to the exterior walls and now are building from the ground up! Here are the latest plans from my AWESOME friend Sue, who is an architect and she is doing all this work for me because she loves me and I love her <3

warehouse carport inc

The front door faces North and the waterfall is to the south.

I see the new Yoga 4 Love studio in the current space of the carport and it will face south, so perfect for a deck and outdoor yoga!

Would you like to help us create this vision? All it will take is 25K

We would love to make this happen. Please look here for our photos on my Google Plus Lisa Ware page.

A lot is also posted publicly on my FaceBook page and videos from 9/1/14 from the actual fire.

Thank you for holding me in the light during this transitional period. It is not easy dealing with all the paperwork, finances, loss and so so many decisions.

Peace, Love + Light,


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What is The Goddess, Female Empowerment and Goddess to the Core 2 Day Boot Camp?

What is a Goddess Interview with Lisa and Sierra screenshot


So what is the Goddess? Listen to the interview with Lisa Ware and international Female Empowerment Leader and author of Goddess to the Core Sierra Bender on the interview with Natalie Cummings. 
What to delve deeper? Set your intention to come to the event 11/15-16 Dallas
Listen here

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Thankful Thursday Read

Just wanted to share a Poet who has struck a chord inside.

Meet Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman Poet

Walt Whitman Poet

“When I read the book, the biography famous,
And is this then (said I) what the author calls a man’s life?
And so will some one when I am dead and gone write my life?
(As if any man really knew aught of my life,
Why even I myself I often think know little or nothing of my real life,
Only a few hints, a few diffused faint clews and indirections
I seek for my own use to trace out here.)  ”

Excerpt From: Walt Whitman. “Leaves of Grass.”



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Lisa Ware is the Founder of Yoga4Love. She is continually finding a way to create oneness and bring cOMmunity together to the enrich the greater good of the planet. She is a nature girl at heart, originally from Colorado, truly a mountain and ocean lover. Lisa is greatly motivated by the role model of her mother’s positivity through breast cancer. She is an E-RYT 200 with thousands of hours teaching Vinyasa Flow. She loves facilitating a space for healing, transformation and connection. For fun you can find her hanging outdoors, meditating, playing with her dogs and kids, doing Acro yoga with her hubby, blogging, and tending to their organic garden. Read More...