90 Days to Feeling Fit | Detox | Nutrition | Coaching

Before and After Photos

(This could be YOU in just 21 Days, 6 Weeks or 90 Days!)

Before After Phase 1 Lisa Ware

Before and After Phase 1 | 6 Weeks


Before and After Phase 2 | 90 Days

90 Days to Feeling Fit Before and After Phase 2

Before and After Phase 2 | 90 Days

90 Days to Feeling Fit Phase 2

Before and After Phase 2 | 6 Weeks

Madonna Before and After 90 Days to Feeling Fit

Before and After 90 Days to Feeling Fit

Before & After 6 Weeks ~Phase 1

Before & After 6 Weeks ~Phase 1



90 Days to Feeling Fit Intro Coaching Call~ Listen HERE

Sundays 9:00 – 9:30 PM

Feeling Fit Virtual FaceBook Party 2015

Healthy and Lean 2015

Phase 1 ~ 6 Weeks | Whole Food Clean Eating 

Phase 1 Intro and Kickoff Starts 1/4/15

9:00 – 9:30 PM Sundays~ Free Conference Call Accountability + Coaching 

Dial (559)726-1200

Code# 322787

Phase 2 ~ 2nd 6 Weeks, Optional = 90 Days to Feeling Fit Total Transformation

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We are feeling great and sharing this plan with the world!

Join us to start your journey!

Please make sure you subscribe to the email registration on this page to receive the weekly coaching emails. Also, please call or text the mentor/coach who invited you to join this program. We are trained to help personalize your program, customize your experience and get you started!

*Upon registration with your mentor/coach you will receive the password to the private webpage which contains all the  downloads to the support documents, recipes and so much love that accompanies this amazing program!

This program has been sold for 2 years $399 as an individual lifecoaching program, and now is given to you FREE as a part of our team meetings.


FREE DOWNLOADS of the complete plan when you join the program!

Coaching + Cleanse and Nutrition Plan. One Simple Change.

Get fit and trim!
Feel Great!
Look amazing!
Soooooo simple and cost effective!
FREE coaching!




6 Weeks  | Phase 1

The first 6 weeks is pretty simple, the complete details will be sent to you once you register via phone or email.

90 Days to Feeling Fit Total Transformation | Phase 2

This is where we really kick it in gear for a Total detox removing all gluten, caffeine, sugar, soy, oil, dairy and alcohol, eating all whole foods!

Lisa Ware and our team of professional mentors, coaches plus guest speakers are providing the coaching weekly! Topics vary and from health, wellness, nutrition, skin care, weight loss, detox, goal setting and much more.

We will explore important subjects such as:

  • Nutrition and Detox Diet
  • Weight Loss
  • Yoga
  • Health and Wellness Tracking
  • Goal Setting
  • Fitness and How to incorporate a routine in your life
  • Smoothie Recipes | Green Smoothies
  • Healthy Meal Planning + Easy Recipes
  • Hormone Balance
  • How to change to a more natural approach to wellness without pharmaceuticals

You will also receive:

  • Password access to a special 90 Days to Feeling Fit download page on this website
  • Email coaching from your mentor
  • Team Coaching Calls/meetings weekly
  • Personalized nutrition recommendations
  • Customized product plan based on your personal consultation
  • Weigh ins and measurements, in studio or track on your own with the downloadable chart
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Vision Boards
  • Before and After Photos for your personal use, in studio. Take your own photos, blog and email them to your coach!
  • Feel Great and so much more!

Join the fun! Feel Great! Let’s get healthy together! 

Basic Start up Cost/ Commitment:

FREE Coaching Meetings Live or Via Conference call + Unlimited access to all recorded calls, meditations and yoga classes on the Audio Classes page ($399 Value)


For Phase 1 | Weeks 1-6~

Using your blender to create amazing meals

Eat a green smoothie daily or twice daily + Learn about Clean Eating

Implement and follow the basic program

Come to the meetings


Your groceries

+ Your coach may recommend specific nutritional supplements based on your lifestyle.

For Phase 2 | Weeks 7-12~ 

Implement the plan and come to the meetings

Eat a green smoothie every day or several times a week in Phase 2.


Your groceries.

+ Your coach will recommend which Phase is right for you to begin, and any additional supplements or detox teas to use for maximum results and energy!

BEGIN HERE or call your mentor/coach.

That’s it!

Let’s get you started today!

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Developing Success Habits ~ It’s A Journey

Vision Board Workshops available!

Goal Setting + Taking 100% Responsibility

As part of our 90 Days Weekly meetings we will focus on:

1-1-13 New Year’s Day Vision Board Workshop~ 4th Annual

  • Goal Setting, this is key
  • Take 100% Responsibility in your Life for things that you are responsible
  • Creating what you desire in your life
  • Create the results you want with No EXCUSES!
  • Get out of the blame game and move forward in your life.
  • E+R=O Event + Response + Outcome. This equation significantly changes your life, giving you an understanding on how each of us creates situations in our lives.
  • Develop Success Habits by exploring habits that can hold us back and or by justifying habits.
  • Exploring ways to make improvements in all areas of our lives.
  • Empowering others to take charge of their life’s direction!
  • Ask friends and family to join us in the journey!

To explore these areas in your life please book a consultation with LiveLoved Lifecoach Lisa Ware at 469.437.1334

Contact Us to book your first appointment


90 Days to Feeling Fit PERSONAL LIFECOACHING with Lisa

A One-on-One Detox, Nutrition and Cleansing process for your Body, Mind, Behavior, Diet, Lifestyle, Habits, Self-Talk + Personal Environment with 


Lisa Ware, E-RYT200

Reiki Master, Lifecoach

Founder | Yoga 4 Love

Owner | Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio

Hi! I’m Lisa Ware. As a Lifecoach, I found that many people need direct coaching and more accountability, and do not come to group sessions regularly. We will focus on making your experience very personalized. I look forward to working with you on your goals and dreams!

Expanding Horizons | Inspiring Positive Change


 In studio, on phone or via Skype

View Full Bio Lisa has been a health nut since she was a teenager and this way of living has simply been integrated into her family and every day habits. She desires to share her knowledge of nutrition, yoga, goal-setting, and the creation and manifestation of a joy-filled and abundant life with YOU! She is greatly motivated to help people enrich their mind / body / spirit connection. Inspiring others is her higher calling; she loves teaching and loves people! Now offering a wonderful program to take YOU to the next level in your life!


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